Welcome to the iTV Set website Press Relations section, where members of the press can find information regarding future opportunities in digital entertainment and education that are afforded by the iTV Set device and all of the advantages that it brings to Internet-based content. There are sections of this site which cover how the iTV Set device will revolutionize eBooks, high definition digital music, gaming, education, virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality, at-home on-line retail shopping, financial transactions, and much more using at high-definition widescreen format which makes all information displayed large and readable. Since iTV Set devices are integrated with home theater systems, the sonic quality of all digital content is greatly enhanced, and if an iTV Set is hooked up to your Internet Modem/Hub/Router using a secure RJ-45 cable from the iTV Set RJ-45 jack to the Modem RJ-45 port, no over the air data will be visible to a wireless "sniffer" device. This means that along with your computer, the iTV Set can be one of the most secure devices as far as data privacy goes within your home. The iTV Set explosion is one of the most popular and exciting topics to cover in the press, as the advent of highly affordable, huge iTV Sets with powerful multi-core computers inside of them brings advances to home entertainment, home learning, home shopping and similar which are limited only by the imagination of the content developer. We ask the Press to feel free to expound on the topics we have touched upon in this website as well as in our other websites such as where we explore the advantages the iTV Set device has over all other consumer electronics devices utilized currently for digital interactive content consumption.

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